Vivid’s 12-year strong brand, Animagic will welcome a new Mum and Baby duo this Autumn/Winter with the launch of Tiki & Toko, a pair of interactive feature plush Gorillas who are already scooping up retailer awards in France

Children will go bananas as they discover the 100+ sounds and movements inspired by how the apes interact in the animal kingdom. The superadorable Gorillas have also benefited from the Animagic brand refresh for A/W’21 with new stylised plush and an eye-catching pack style guide.

Swinging onto shelves this July, Tiki & Toko (RRP £74.99) can be played with both together and separately for double the fun. When together, they will talk, sing and fall asleep in each other’s arms but when taken apart; the pair will whimper until they’re reunited again.

The Gorillas come with two feeding accessories tapping into familiar play patterns. If you don’t feed them enough, they’ll ask for more – but feed them too much and they’ll let out a loud burp!

The toy’s launch will be supported by a dual-targeted marketing campaign across TV, digital and PR. The TVC will transport viewers into the jungle to show Tiki & Toko’s countless play features and the amazing connection a child can build.

A parent and gift-givers campaign will also run across Facebook and Instagram in the run-up to Christmas, communicating the play value with celebrity and influencer endorsement.

A highlight of the marketing calendar will be the Tiki & Toko PR press event. Hosted at a popular London based zoo location, the invite list will include key celebrity parents, influencers and bloggers to create nationally-relevant coverage opportunities.

The event will include product demonstrations, a talk from a Gorilla expert and Tiki & Toko themed activities allowing guests to monkey around for the day!

Chloe Burrowes, Brand Manager said “We’re thrilled to launch Tiki & Toko, our interactive Gorillas this July and bring a part of the jungle into children’s homes. Our marketing campaign is focused on bringing the Gorillas to life and highlighting their interactivity, fun and humour! We’re very excited about our press event which has the perfect backdrop to launch the duo and show parents the endless opportunities for play with this cheeky pair.’

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