The battle for Kazoom city rises to the next level as Magic Box Toys, the pioneer in the creation of successful collectible brands such as Gogo’s Crazy Bones and Zomlings, is excited to announce the launch of SuperThings Kazoom Kids from 20 August 2021

SuperThings are super-powered objects created by the power of the Kazoom and for the first time ever, the power of the Kazoom is passed to the humans of Kazoom City, turning the children into Kazoom Kids who possess SuperThing hero and villain powers.

New heroes and villains with all the ability of the SuperThings are unleashed in the form of 80 new collectible characters, a range of accessories and a toy line. Kazoom Kids follows in the footsteps of SuperThings Power Machines which achieved the Nº1 spot in Share of Units and Nº2 in Value for Action Figures.*

(*NPD Data UK YTD (combined) May 2021 Action Figures Top 10 Brands)Kids can expand their SuperThings world with the all new 90p blind bags, some of which contain rare gold and silver characters or the Ultra Rare Sparky to add to the collectability with fans wanting to complete their army. In addition, there will be eight Super Jets to collect, with pull back function and an RRP of £3.00. New for the series are Kazoom Kids characters – six 5 inch figures with secret weaponary which also come with their SuperThing alter ego (RRP £5).

Kids can choose between ice cream, pizza, trash, starberry, pinata and candy and build their Kazoom team. The Kazoom kids can also ride around Kazoom City in the Super Jets which makes for great interchangeable fun!Magic Box have also developed great value added packs including the blister four pack (RRP £8.00) and ten packs (RRP £10.00), a Starter Pack (RRP £5.00) and the Mega Pack (RRP £5.50). 

Complimenting the collectible series will be a toy range, designed to enhance the world of SuperThings for fans.

Cactus Team and Balloon Team playsets contain an exclusive Kid Kazoom, 3 exclusive SuperThings, either a Spike Roller Vehicle or Balloon Boxer vehicle and 2 Side Car Blaster Jets and will each retail for £20.

For the ultimate transformation station, the Training Tower (RRP £45) is a brilliant playset that trains the Kazoom Kids to fly, shoot, box and fight like SuperThings which includes lights and sounds for added entertainment!

The launch of Kazoom Kids will be supported by an extensive Marketing and PR campaign, including a 1000+ TVR TV advertising programme, strong social media presence and instore theatre and merchandising options to support retail partners.

In addition, a specific You Tube advertising campaign will launch on August 20 with an expected 10 million+ impressions. Brand new Webisodes for the Kazoom Kids series will launch on the SuperThings YouTube Channel from launch.

To learn more about SuperThings Kazoom Kids visit

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