The Good Play Guide and buying group Toymaster have announced a marketing collaboration to support their mutual objectives.

As experts in child development, play and parenting, The Good Play Guide will enhance Toymaster’s commitment to its members of real value, exceptional service, and a year-round marketing programme, with a portfolio of deliverables including seasonal and developmental milestone articles and blog posts, branded point-of-sale and advertising materials for Good Play Guide recommended lines, in-store activations, and social media call-outs.

“I’m a huge advocate of Toymaster and the community spirit they encourage at store level”

Dr Amanda Gummer, The Good Play Guide

Dr Amanda Gummer, founder of The Good Play Guide, commented: “I’m a huge advocate of Toymaster and the community spirit they encourage at store level. Everyone remembers the joys of a trip to a toy shop as a child, so to collaborate with a team that supports retailers at grassroots level with information about products and latest play trends delivers all our shared values.”

Toymaster marketing director Paul Reader added: “We work hard to ensure our members are armed with the most appropriate marketing support and information around latest topics and themes. Adding Dr Gummer’s expert voice around play ideas or parenting issues to our offering demonstrates a further commitment to our members, helping them be more informed and increasing their knowledge around today’s savvy shoppers.”

The initiative will also include activations on social media and direct-to-member initiatives, further raising the profile of Toymaster locations.

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