Little Tikes has teamed up with McFly star Danny Jones and his son Cooper to recreate a moment from musical history using Little Tikes’ new My Real Jam range of instruments.

Danny was just 17 when he shot to fame with McFly, but his three-year-old son has been called into the limelight as he and his dad lead the toy brand’s #MyRealJamMusicMinis campaign.

Starting on 12 October, #MyRealJamMusicMinis sees Danny and Cooper recreate an iconic moment from musical history using Little Tikes’ brand new My Real Jam range for children and preschoolers who love to rock out.

The My Real Jam range includes My Real Jam DJ Table, Electric Guitar, Keyboard, Acoustic Guitar and Drums. All the items in the range come with packaging that doubles up as a case for the instrument, so little ones can take it on the road with them and perform a concert wherever they go

Each toy comes with four superstar play modes: play with the band, free play, solo jam and play any song which uses Bluetooth, so kids can play a song of their choice. Parents can also control when it’s time to pump up the music and rock out or listen to mellow beats with the volume control feature on each of the toys in the range.

Danny has shared pictures of his son on Instagram and TikTok, recreating the debut album cover from UK Britpop band Oasis: Definitely Maybe. Danny said: “Cooper just loves the new My Real Jam collection from Little Tikes. Jamming with him at home on all the different toys is so much fun and it’s great seeing him get excited about music and rocking out with his friends. It reminds me of how I was when I was little!”

Little Tikes and Danny are calling on all parents and caregivers to join the musical movement and share pictures of their own children recreating classic images from rock and pop archives under the hashtag #MyRealJamMusicMinis, with a chance of winning one of five My Real Jam bundles.

One of the first mini rock stars to join the campaign is three-year-old Isaac Kearney, who shared a video recreating In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins. Other entries include a KISS remake complete with face paint and a keyboard-playing pooch, a mini-Freddie Mercury with a moustache and vest combination, and a pint-size version of Elvis.

The brand has also recruited a raft of influencers to join the campaign, flooding social feeds with content in the coming days and weeks. Additionally, social content for the brand channels has gone live matching musical instruments in the range to fun characteristics, so parents can see which member of the band their little one is destined to become, alongside other fun activity to celebrate music moments. 

Little Tikes’ new My Real Jam range combines all the interactive features of musical and role play, while learning new skills and boosting self-confidence in children. Whether they are an aspiring drummer or DJ producer, the My Real Jam range is tipped to be a big hit for the brand this Christmas.

Michelle Lilley, head of marketing UK for Little Tikes, said: “Danny and Cooper clearly had a blast bringing rock history to life. The album cover is an iconic moment in musical history, and it’s great fun to see Danny and Cooper recreate it together in pint-sized form! Musical play ticks all the boxes for playtime fun: it’s creative, exciting, and there’s an element of roleplay that young children love. What’s more, it encourages brain development, self-confidence, and could spark a lifelong passion.

“We’re hoping to see more families take on the challenge of creating their own #MyRealJamMusicMinis scenes. We’re sure the pictures will live long in family albums, just like the originals have stood the test of time in rock and pop history!”

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