Funko Games will announce four new games today at London Toy Fair 2022 (Stand N3, National Hall)


E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial: Light Years from Home Game

Inspired by the classic film from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment – E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, this game’s arrival will be perfectly timed for the film’s 40th anniversary this year, introducing a new generation to the movie’s characters Elliott, Michael, Greg, and Gertie – who will work together to get E.T. home.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial: Light Years From Home is a co-operative game where you will play as Elliot, Gertie, Mike, or Greg as they try to find parts for E.T. to make a communication device to contact his home planet. The kids must avoid federal agents who are chasing them and trying to capture E.T. Players win if they find all the parts of the device and get E.T. to the clearing when the mothership arrives to pick him up.

The game also recreates the film’s iconic bicycle chase scene: players race around the neighbourhood using ramps and shortcuts to avoid the federal agents. As players have come to expect from Funko Games,this gamefeatures a beautifully illustrated board, components, and miniatures including a charming miniature E.T. that fits inside the kids’ bicycle baskets.

RRP £24.99
2-4 Players
Ages 10+
Available Summer 2022

Funko Marvel Battle World

Marvel Battleworld: Series 3 Ultimate Armory

Marvel Battleworld is a co-operative, expandable, collectable adventure game featuring dozens of Heroes from all over the Marvel Universe.

Marvel Battleworld: Series 3 Ultimate Armory introduces new locations, characters, and gameplay elements. Choose your Heroes and visit locations such as Technopolis and Monster Metropolis as you team up to save Battleworld. Ultimate Armory also introduces new Armor Tokens to make battles more challenging, while also powering up your Heroes!

Marvel Battleworld: Series 3 Ultimate Armory is the next in the wildly popular collectable adventure game series, which comes with more than 30 new characters rooted in the fabled Armor Wars storyline. In addition, the new series will feature a one-of-a-kind game mechanic, the Armor Token, to help your favourite Heroes become more powerful, while also making battles more exciting.

Marvel Battleworld first debuted in the UK in 2020 and in Europe in 2021 with Mystery of the Thanostones, followed by Treachery at Twilight in 2021 in the UK market, with a further launch across Europe in 2022. With each new series, the collectable adventure has grown more popular with more than 100 collectables in all and as a unique game that can be played solo or with friends.

Ultimate Armory will debut in a Mega Pack with six characters, including an exclusive Classic Vision variant with a foil card. Or, customers can start with the Series 3 Battle Ball, which comes with a single Hero, as well as a Thanostone containing another mystery Hero. Collect them all to form the ultimate team of Marvel Heroes including Hulkbuster, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, the Winter Soldier, and many more.

Battle Ball: RRP £6.99 Mega Pack: RRP £14.99
1-4 Players
Ages 6+
Available Spring 2022

Funko Verse

Funkoverse: Peter Pan 100 2-Pack

We’re off to Neverland! Second star to the right and straight on to the Funkoverse! Play out the ongoing conflict between Peter Pan and the nefarious Captain Hook. Battle across the deck of the Jolly Roger and through the Lost Boys’ Treehouse! Combine Funkoverse Walt Disney’s Peter Pan with other Funkoverse sets to go head-to-head with other favourite characters in exciting game scenarios.

Available Summer 2022

Funkoverse: Universal Studios Monsters 100 4-Pack


Weird! Startling! Unbelievable! Enter the nightmare when the Universal Monsters descend on the Funkoverse! Become the horror as you complete scenarios across thrilling, chilling locations. Use each character’s unique abilities to achieve your objectives. Play special Universal Monster items, such as the Wooden Stake and the Graveyard Shovel. Combine Funkoverse Universal Studios Monsters with other Funkoverse sets to go head-to-head with other favourite characters in exciting game scenarios.

Available Summer 2022

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