Big Consumer Marketing Campaign for Elves Behavin’ Badly


PMS International has announced its biggest television consumer marketing campaign to date, to support its Elves Behavin’ Badly brand.

The multi-channel campaign, aimed at exciting kids and raising awareness amongst parents for the Christmas period, will be fronted by TV advertising during the all-important November period. Additional support will be provided by YouTube advertisements delivered via TV.

New creative will be developed specifically for the campaign, including a television commercial and digital video content. The campaign will bring to life the cheeky, pranking elves as they visit families to share their mischievous sense of Christmas spirit.

Exposure will further be strengthened by the addition of Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok content – maximising the reach of the Elves Behavin’ Badly brand to its core audience during a key sales period.

The £250,000 campaign will reach 4.2M targeted individuals, delivering over 18M impacts across the UK and Ireland.

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