Following on from the success of the Fence Club 100m bike ride two years ago, Derek Scott came up with a 2022 challenge for the chairman, David Bramford’s, fund-raising day. He was quoted saying, “it’s only a 50km walk – how hard can it be?”

The 25K walkers included: Simon Anslow, Jacqueline Taylor-Foo, David Bowman, Carolyn Bowman, Mark Collinson, Amanda Collinson, and Keith Elmer. The 50k walkers David Bramford, Derek Scott, and Steve Wells

Our generous sponsors were:

Uniserve, Smyths Toys, Character Options, Ravensburger, Funko, Kid Creation, Grant & Bowman, Brainstorm, Toys n Playthings, Keel Toys, B&M, Harrogate Nursery Fair, Harrogate Toy Fair, Chicco and AddoPlay.

Over £20,500 has been raised so far, of which £10,000 will be sent to help Ukrainian children through Samaritan’s purse.

The first team arrived at 06.40 in the scorching temperature of one whole degree Celsius! Steve Wells describes the first 25km as “brisk, lively, and energetic, the next 20km a little more taxing, the final 5km took sheer determination and mind over matter”.

Fence Club 50km and 25km walk challenge raises over £20,500!

He claims they were spurred on by a constant ‘pinging’ of encouraging WhatsApp messages from Fence Club members, family, and friends. Without their support, the task would have been even more strenuous (on their young bodies).

Steve further commented “we met some amazing people on the way, of all ages, shapes, and experience – all raising money for amazing causes.The camaraderie was excellent. The three musketeers laughed all the way, except perhaps for the final 5K which was eerily silent apart from the creaking joints!”

The 25km team despite a few injuries and some with a lack of training were equally as committed. That was until they spotted the first watering hole and stopped for a cheeky pitstop, thus creating a rather more enjoyable cruising speed and some well needed humour to keep spirits high.

Fence Club 50km and 25km walk challenge raises over £20,500!

In fact, the team is already planning next year’s event which may be open to friends and family as well!  Please get in touch with any Fence Club member if you are interested!

Everyone involved would like to thank all our sponsors, personal donations, and supporters. Every single one helped make it a worthwhile and fun event that has culminated in a great sum that will ALL go towards children who will really appreciate and need it.

If you wish to donate to reach the next target of £25,000, the site remains open at

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