One for Fun will be at the Toymaster Show in Harrogate with a brand-new UK distribution deal for glow in the dark plush range, Dream Beams.

This brand from Happy Line Toys has cute, plush glow in the dark characters, each given added collectability with imaginative back stories from a Dream Beams World. The partnership kicks off with the first wave which will be on show at Toymaster and available for delivery from this month. One for Fun will work closely with Happy Line Toys to create constant interest with new developments being brought speedily to market.

Dream Beams World is full of colour, hope and happiness and, in this world, everyone is special. Each Dream Beam character that lives in Dream Beams World has its own personality. They are designed to be cuddly companions 24/7 with their unique glow in the dark capability. These bedtime buddies even glow differently!

Every Dream Beam has their own talents: singing, dancing, swimming and some of the Dream Beams even have superpowers. They are friendly and supportive of each other in different ways.

All the Dream Beams have the same single mission: to let every child have a good night’s sleep and sweet dreams. They do this by providing emotional support and an opportunity to release stress by giving a multi-sensory experience – through cuddling, squeezing and providing comfort through the glow in the dark feature. Each new wave is related to the existing ones within Dream Beams World ensuring continuity.

“Plush is an important category for us and one that is growing. Dream Beams represent excellent value for money”

David Mordecai CEO of One for Fun

David Mordecai CEO of One for Fun commented, “Plush is an important category for us and one that is growing. Dream Beams represent excellent value for money, with consistent variety, USPs and imaginative back stories to fire and refresh consumer interest we are delighted to have secured the majority rights for the UK.”

Matias Ramdohr, CEO of Happy Line Toys commented, “For us, Dream Beams is top priority within our brand portfolio, because plush is one of the most important categories that offers emotional support for child development. We are pleased to announce a new partnership between us and One for Fun; their reach and experience is the perfect fit for Dream Beams to ensure the success of the brand in the wider UK market.”

Matias Schiro, Chief Marketing Officer of Happy Line Toys commented, “We created Dream Beams World to be an amazing place full of storytelling, wherein we can continue to develop innovative, new products and experiences, that will keep up with the trends and meet consumer needs. We will be working closely with One for Fun to deliver a strong and memorable marketing campaign to support the UK launch of Dream Beams. Watch this space!”

The first wave of Dream Beams will include the 18cm core product and be complemented by 30cm versions of Dana the Dinosaur and Pablo the Pegasus. Attractive CDU’s displaying the core Dream Beams range are available in a CDU of 12 and a FSDU of 48.

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