Dino Day fans can discover the joy of unlimited creativity with the colourful Hey Clay Dino playset!

Designed to boost kids’ imagination – this vibrant and soft modelling clay is great for sensory development, play-based learning and developing fine motor skills, as well as enhancing the imagination and creativeness of little ones.  

The Dino playset is guaranteed to keep kids occupied for hours of fun with endless crafting options. After little ones are finished modelling, simply leave the clay models to air dry and harden for 24 hours and an exciting new toy will be ready for the next playtime!  

Dino fans can create their own ancient dinosaur world with mystical Pterodactylus and unwieldy Stegosaurus, curious Triceratops and agile Pachycephalosaurus, forever hungry Brachiosaurus and the legendary Tyrannosaurus. Watch these creations come alive through the Hey Clay app with beautifully illustrated animations to help bring children’s artwork to life.  

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