Through imagination, a child can explore anywhere at will, be anyone they want to, and do anything they wish. Imagination is something which leading Swiss-Toy brand Geomagworld have encouraged children to explore since 1998. Their ingenious and addictive magnetic toys have allowed millions to shape their futures, through learning a range of STEM-based skills across their imaginative and educational playsets.

We all know that learning through playing is essential for children to thrive but making it fun can be challenging. Thankfully, Geomag’s innovative Magicube Shapes are magnetic construction toys and are a powerful facilitator to form those lifelong skills.

Shaping creative play through magnetism.
Magicube is a revolutionary building block system made up of magnetic cubes that attach to each other on all six sides, it includes the ever-popular Magicube Shapes line.

This ingenious range features not only the traditional cube building block additional magnetic shapes including the half cube, quarter circle and half sphere. Importantly all Magicube Shape sets, and pieces are made using 100% recycled plastic and 100% fully compatible with all other cubes within the Magicube platform.

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