Character Options has launched a new child-facing YouTube channel, Character Kidz TV, which is packed with entertaining video content for today’s digital kids.

The channel went live on May 21st to coincide with the launch of GooZonians, Character Options’ all-new squishy, collectable doll line. It is also the place to watch the brand’s accompanying 11-minute animated launch webisode: GooZonians: The Diamond Goo-bilee.

In addition to this new content, the channel’s playlists also include the ever-popular Heroes of Goo Jit Zu webisodes, pre-school stop-frame adventures, plus a host of videos created by the Character Kidz – a group of talented, content-creating youngsters, who have played an essential role in promoting the team’s biggest launches in recent years.

“The Character Kidz TV channel is a place where kids can come to watch premium fun videos – be it skits from kids, CGI animated content, or entertaining toy play”

Mark Hunt, Marketing Director at Character Options

Mark Hunt, Marketing Director at Character Options, said: “Our decision to create this entertainment space for children has in large come from the multiple changes to YouTube’s digital space for kids. The Character Kidz TV channel is a place where kids can come to watch premium fun videos – be it skits from kids, CGI animated content, or entertaining toy play.

Character Options Launches New Kid-Facing YouTube Channel

“A part of our development strategy is to create great, storyline-based content for our own IPs, so we’ve created a platform to house them. Since the channel’s launch, we have been amazed at how many views have already been achieved (more than three million and rising daily). Our task now is to keep populating the channel with content that kids will seek out.”

The Character Kidz TV channel has been branded in-line with the Character Kidz event – an annual showcase of kidfluencers, who come together to highlight all that is new for the Character Options, in the run up to Christmas. Each year, the event has evolved and 2022 will be no exception! There will be not just one Event this year, but instead there are plans for a whole host of activities between July and November.

“Character Kidz is our annual showcase; it’s an established part of our autumn marketing strategy and each year we come up with innovative ways to keep it fresh for our followers,” continued Mark Hunt. “This year, Character Kidz will kick off at the end of July, at the BlogOn Kids family event, where we have our own special Character Kidz room. Thereafter, each month, we will choose key brands to promote through the Character Kidz network as part of the overall brand launch strategy.”

The new Character Kidz TV channel can be viewed here.

For more information about the Character Kidz TV channel, please call the Character Options team on 0161 633 9800 or email

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