Looking to improve the lives of people and protect the planet for future generations, VTech has published its ninth Annual Sustainability Report, found here

The report, which communicates sustainability strategies, outlines a transition towards clean energy, more solar panels and solar lamps installed in manufacturing and operating sites in FY2023, the use of renewable energy rose by 157.2% compared with FY2020. With dedicated efforts on water and material consumption reductions, energy saving and waste management, VTech achieved notable reduction in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by 14.8% and water consumption by 18.0%.

VTech UK are introducing more recycled items in to the range, new products for 2022, such as the soft fabrics on the Busy Musical Bee and Soft Discovery Turtle are made from recycled PET bottles and the new Touch & Feel Sensory Keys and Stack, Rattle & Link Elephant are made from plant-based plastics. In fact, the soft fabric on the Busy Musical Bee, made from six recycled water bottles, was a London Toy Fair’s Hero Toys winner for 2022.

VTech continuously reduce environmental impacts from packaging through material sourcing, usage reduction, design change and recycling. Currently, almost 95% of toy packaging materials is recyclable, of which about 85% is from recycled materials. VTech are committed to eliminating fossil-based blister packaging and replacing it with plant-based alternative in 99% of the electronic learning products by 2025. In the UK by adding QR codes for full instruction menus, the leaflet size has reduced in size by 40% over 50% of all packaging now features the OPRL labels and recyclenow.com information.

Used VTech toys are recycled and reused in the UK too, conducting a survey for a number of years now, 99.4% of VTech consumers pass their used VTech products on to family and friends, donate to charity shops, toddler groups or nurseries, they are stored for future use or recycled as a small electrical at local recycling centres.

Clive Richardson, UK Marketing Director “The team here are complementing this award-winning global sustainability plan with specific UK action like the non-plastic pack, OPRL labels and volunteering to help the local community.”

VTech complements global sustainability strategy with UK specific action

Participating in initiatives for the local environment, VTech UK staff built a wild flower area and bug hotel in the grounds of the VTech offices, went meat free on Mondays, cycled to work, swapped-not-shopped initiatives and homed plants on work desks. A team also volunteered for a community litter pick, going out weekly to clean up the local area. Partnering with Ecologi, every of one of VTech’s UK staff will have their entire carbon footprint offset to become climate positive in 2022.

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