UK Scooter Company Predicts That 2022 Will Be The Year Of The Eco Gift

Brits are starting to look to Christmas already according to online stats and scooter brand Micro is predicting that 2022 will be the most eco friendly christmas ever as the number of pages boasting ‘eco friendly gifts’ across the web is soaring.

In fact the number of pages online offering such products has increased by seven times already this year.

Research has shown that the pandemic lead to a rise in interest for businesses who are more sustainable* So the company, which is known for its scooters made from recycled fishing nets, is predicting that demand will also increase by as much as seven times as Brits ditch plastic and throw away products in favour of meaningful environmentally friendly gifts.

It is likely that searches for green gifts will be somewhere in the region of 40k** throughout December this year.

Online data shows that eco-friendly items are more popular with a UK audience*** than any other across the world.

What’s more, Brits aren’t just quietly changing their habits, they are proudly boasting about their eco credentials with eco-warriors tagging their good deeds for all to see. The hashtags #ecofriendly, #ecofriendlyliving and #ecofriendlyproducts have over 1.2million posts on Instagram.****

Micro’s eco product range offers a number of products that will help parents improve their eco credentials and give their kids a great gift that will improve their fitness, coordination and overall health.

The Eco Maxi Micro Deluxe, the Eco Mini Micro, the 3in1 Deluxe Plus Eco along with a number of eco helmets and accessories provide a greener way to move around. The scooters are made with recycled fishing nets that are removed from the ocean, cleaned and broken down into chips.

The scooters also include replaceable parts so that kids can tread lightly on the planet.

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