Toys n Playthings August 2022

Here it is, the latest edition of TnP. The new issue is packed with news, views, comment and stacks of hot products and new goodies.

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Our columnists look at the new LEGO store and its importance for the toy giant and, on a smaller scale, the importance of getting out and about as an independent retailer and taking stalls at fairs and other local events.

In retail we look at a few burgeoning independent retailers around the UK, and we’ve got comments on the state of the market from both suppliers and stores too.

We’ve got a full preview of Autumn Fair and how crucial the show is for retailers, as well as highlighting movement in the world of Role Play and Dress Up as well as Playground Crazes and Pocket Money Toys.
There’s more from columnist and all the latest product, retail, people, licensing, and media news to keep you totally up to date with what’s happening in the toy industry!

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