Magicbox has unveiled a new corporate image, complete with animated logo and a new HQ in Barcelona as it continues its transition from a collectibles company to a fully-fledged toy company.

Its swish new Barcelona offices and the new look come on the back of it opening its first UK office in Gatwick.
UK MD Nicola Bergot said: “The new animated Magicbox logo represents our number one aim to excite children though our toys. As you watch, the Magicbox name opens to reveal a box full of surprises which fills all around it with magic.

“This new image also underpins what is truly an exciting time for the company. Earlier this year we announced the intention to transition from a globally recognised collectibles company to a global toy company. The new UK team, together with the company’s first UK based offices near Gatwick, started this process, and this new corporate image, pulls it all together perfectly.”

Bergot added: “The new corporate image and Spanish HQ echo all that is happening within the company both internationally and on the ground in the UK. We are delighted to be able to unveil them to the industry.”

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