With a modern brand strategy and a changed logo, hauck is repositioning itself on the baby and toy market.

The rebranding positions the company as an appealing brand for first-time parents: „care“ is not just the brand essence, but a promise. The German website www.hauck.de has already been showing the new corporate design since the beginning of September. The English and French sites will be adapted soon.

New logo visualises the brand essence

The hauck company has combined its two brands “hauck fun for kids“ and “hauck toys for kids“ into one brand and one logo. The merger of the two brands follows the integration of the two formerly separate companies into one during 2020. “Made to care, designed for love.“ is hauck‘s new brand claim. This, as well as the new logo, reflects the brand essence of “care“: a small h with two circles represents a child leaning on the shoulder of a parent. The new logo symbolises the closeness between parent and child, but also the shoulder to lean on that hauck wants to be for parents.

new brand identity for ha

New product categories expand the idea of care

Care is not only the new brand essence, but also a promise: for over 100 years, hauck has been concerned with improving the well-being of babies and supporting their development with proven and safe products. A new product category that is being added to the portfolio also stands for this. It includes care products such as changing mats, baby bathtubs and baby blankets. In addition, hauck is increasingly focusing on higher quality products. Cotton is now used more often for textiles, as the fabric has breathable and moisture-regulating properties. hauck is also aiming for the OEKO-TEX® certification for selected fabrics and products. Furthermore, the material thickness has been increased for many products, allowing the company to keep its promise and offer more robust and durable goods. With new designs, such as quilted fabrics, hauck gives some products a more premium look. At the same time, the company continues to attach great importance to a fair price-performance ratio and supports a variety of corporate social responsibility projects to make a positive contribution to the future of children.

New colour palette for hauck

The internationally renowned hauck yellow gives way to two new primary colours following the rebranding: The modern colours terracotta and sage green have become the primary colours of the brand. The yellow will remain part of the corporate design and will be used as a highlight colour. Product colours and prints will gradually change and be oriented towards colour trends to make hauck products attractive for parents-to-be.

New design for website and social media channels

The hauck website and the social media channels @hauck_deutschland and @hauck_international on Instagram are adapted to the new brand strategy: From now on, the website will appear in a new look with the updated colours. In the following months, user-optimised functions will also be added to the website. The search function, as well as product presentations and comparisons, will be implemented in such a way that the brand essence “care“ can also be felt online. In the course of this September, the English version of the new website will go live. The new French version will follow in October.


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