Following the success of its Jurassic World real FX Baby Blue, innovative toy company WOW! Stuff is set to launch a range of real FX toys.

The toys, which will sit in the robotic and interactive playmates sectr, part of the wider Youth Electronics Supercategory, are aimed at kids as well as “adored by adults”.

The Jurasic World toy has been a bestseller across the UK, US and France and has won scores of awards within weeks of launch.
CEO Richard Stuff said: “We’ve always been driven by innovation, and that’s how most brands originate and become leaders, often by creating the category itself. It’s actually been difficult to pigeonhole the category that Real FX plays in. Perhaps it’s even the first brand in a new developing category of realistic/feels alive toys, but for now it appears Robotic/Interactive Playmates is where it sits.

Our original Real FX item was an AI (Artificial Intelligence) race car set that sold over $45m at wholesale in its first year, followed by the Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak. Our positioning for these products has been ‘As realistic as it can be outside of the real thing!’. For example, as a toy and in the hands of a seven-year-old, Real FX Baby Blue must feel like the most realistic dinosaur in 65 million years.

“We feel the timing is just right for a new fresh innovative entrant into a category that is growing strongly across global markets. The positioning of Real FX is very distinctive and unique with a mission to ‘Look Real, Feel Real, Sound Real’, something the scientists and developers at WOW! Stuff pride themselves on. It also important to us that older kids and adults appreciate the realism in a Real FX product and approve. With the older age groups engaging it helps that they also lend themselves (Real FX toys) to use and performance across social media platforms. Above all else we want a Real FX toy to be the one you remember the most, evoking the most special memories well into your adulthood.”

The toys will feature special, distinctive packaging and insignia as well as a holographic emblem.

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