Spin Master has announced it is to acquire Canadian 4D Brands International Inc, a puzzle model construction innovator.

Making its name with its Cityscape puzzles, the company has since developed a range of 3D odel kits whereby consumers can build replicas of “well-known historical landmarks, pop culture elements and movie memorabilia”, including ranges from the likes of Star Wars, Disney, Harry Potter, Marvel, DC and More.

The deal is expected to be finalised in January 2023 and will boost Spon Master’s standing in the games and puzzles market, where it’s the third largest manufacturer globally and second largest in the US.

Spin Master co-founder Anton Rabie said: “At Spin Master, we’ve always been attracted to the timelessness and year-round enjoyment of puzzles. 4D puzzles offers innovation for a classic pastime and puts puzzling under a new lens with new form factors, fantastic detail and a rich constructing experience. We love Shaun’s approach to creative development and as fellow entrepreneurs, have admired his journey to become a disruptive force within puzzles. We can’t wait to collaborate and grow together in our latest quest to infuse innovation into this strategic category.”

Spin Master’s global president and CEO Max Rangel added: “As part of our long-term growth strategy, we’re focused on finding new pathbreaking acquisitions that will further expand our presence in key categories of play, as well as expanding our reach and connection with consumers. The acquisition of 4D will give Spin Master the opportunity to inject innovation into our puzzle portfolio with new form factors, iconic licenses and elevated construction models that will inspire puzzlers, kids and families to reach for new heights in their next puzzle experience.”



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