Premier League outfit Nottingham Forest have made a new signing during the January transfer window – Vivid Goliath’s Nexcube.

Football ace Gustavo Scarpa – Brazilian midfielder at the club currently battling to stay in the top flight after promotion last season – has released footage of his teammates attempting to solve the addictive puzzle game from the toy company.

Video released on Instagram Reels showed platers such as Neco Williams coming to grips with Nexcube, highlighting the game and spreading the word.

Vivid Goliath senior brand manager Chloe Burrowes said: “It’s great to see Nexcube making waves in the world of top class football. We are considering re-branding to the Nottscube in celebration of the club’s obvious love for Nexcube – our aim is for other clubs to join the growing craze and testing their skills during downtime between games!”

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