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Must see at Toys Fair 2023

London Toy Fair opens it’s doors a week today and each day we will be highlighting those companies you need to visit. Today we take a look at Asmodee

Asmodee UK includes major titles; Dobble, CATAN, Bananagrams, BrainBox and The Pokémon Trading Card Game as well as innovative formats such as Karen, Wheels vs Doors and Fun Facts. 

Joining Asmodee’s unrivalled portfolio in 2023 will be the family favourite, fast-paced word game, Pass The Bomb, which will be blasting onto the scene with an incredible makeover to be revealed for the first time at Toy Fair London.

Committed champions of fun, Asmodee will also be introducing a raft of new games at Toy Fair including:

Dobble Connect – from Zygomatic.Launching in Summer 2023 is a new way to play Dobble.  Just like Classic Dobble players must match the symbols with that of another card, but with Dobble Connect, they will need to play in teams and join up hexagonal cards where the symbols match. The first to form a line of their team colour wins! 

Dobble Connect

SetUp – from Bezzerwizzer. SetUp is the new title in the rummy genre with sets in all directions. Players build sets with card-like tiles to score points, but must be careful not to gift their opponents’ points! Launch date will be April 1 2023. 

Set Up

Toodles – from Format Games. It takes two to doodle! Yes, drawing is fun on your own, but have you tried drawing with someone else, using the same pen, at the same time? It’s twice the fun. Players play as a team to beat the game and score points. With three difficulty levels to choose from what will you Toodle? This hilarious game is a must-have for any party or family games night.  


Backwards Game – from Format Games. The Backwards Game is a super-silly party game played in teams. All of the questions and challenges are incredibly easy… if you do them forwards. However, in this game, EVERYTHING reverse in happens!

James Arnold, head of marketing, Asmodee UK, said: “At Asmodee we are committed to offering every person the opportunity to live great stories through the power of games. As the UK’s leading distributor of board games across national retail and independent specialist stores, we’re dedicated to ensuring we have an unrivalled raft of high-quality, innovative games from mass market family fun, to formats to excite the most exacting hobbyists. 

“At Toy Fair, we’re thrilled to be unboxing a series of brilliant new board games for 2023 with something for all ages, wages and interests, from great party games Backwards and Toodles, to revamps of classics including Dobble and SetUp. The game I’m particularly excited about is Pass the Bomb, already a firm family favourite (certainly in my house!) we’ll be revealing an incredible update for this fast-paced word game, which we’re sure will make a blast on the scene for both retailers and consumers in 2023.”

Pass The Bomb

Dedicated to discovery and untethering the mind from the everyday, expect some exciting surprises on the Asmodee stand alongside new product demonstrations. Also on the stand will be TV and radio presenter turned games inventor Matt Edmondson of Format Games to answer any questions and offering an opportunity to beat the creator and designer of app sensation Bunny Hops!, Nicolas Saleil.

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