Trefl SA is the biggest company that manufactures puzzles and games in the CEE region and one of the biggest manufacturers in Europe as a whole. A family company, Trefl SA was founded in 1985, and consistently builds its position and constantly expands its offer and production capabilities.

Trefl’s products are targeted at adults as well as children and are based on well-known and popular characters. It holds most of the major licences for children’s puzzles – including Disney, Warner, Hasbro, Mattel and Viacom. The company also has a wide portfolio of licensed games with a strong focus for the UK.

Its Polish factory has a number of advantages, including: large production possibilities, variety of offered products, high quality of used materials and fully controlled production process.

Trefl at Spielwarenmesse

In 2020, Trefl SA opened a new Research & Development Centre, where it started to improve ideas for new products – mainly puzzles and games. What’s more, considerable investment has been made during 2020 to increase the amount of top-class machinery used, to increase its production capabilities, and attempt to further meet the supply demand worldwide.

2020 has shown that there is a need and desire for traditional games and puzzles in the modern world of technology, where puzzles are a very popular pastime for families and people of all ages.

In 2021, Trefl SA was working on creating new puzzle lines: Wood Craft Origin (wooden puzzles) and Trefl Prime Unlimited Fit Technology including Licensed Puzzles. The Trefl Prime series was created for true jigsaw puzzle lovers. The special technology allows you to put together any number of images into one large composition. In addition, thanks to the use of the thickest paperboard, unique shapes of puzzle pieces and special cutting method, you can easily carry the entire jigsaw puzzle around. So you can create your own collage from the Trefl Prime jigsaw puzzles!

The Trefl team aims to be very flexible and always makes sure they listen to their customers. As a result of this, they are open to knowing customers’ needs and expectations regarding puzzles and games, so that they can improve them and create even more exciting products.

Contact Trefl’s representatives Steve Richardson (07850 779797) or Ria Richardson (07877443733) to arrange an appointment.

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