The Kickstarter phenomenon, Raccoon Tycoon, has seen off over 100 competitors to take the coveted Game of the Year Award at this year’s Australia Toy Association Gala.

Born from a Kickstarter campaign in 2018 and launched in the US, this Forbidden Games title, Raccoon Tycoon, is a fun and accessible gateway game for strategic game players age 8 years and over. Set in Astoria, players attempt to corner the market on the most valuable commodities and create a small fortune, in this fast, fun game of commodity speculation and town development.

Richard Wells, Managing Director for University Games and the Lagoon Group is delighted with the win. “Scooping this award in such strong and prestigious company is a huge accolade for the game and a real honour for University Games globally. It is recognition of the quality and innovative games play of the Forbidden Games product, and goes to support the growing popularity and thirst for great family strategy games worldwide.”

The Forbidden Games strategy range are now available in the UK, the US and Australia and includes; Racoon Tycoon Mosaic, Lizard Wizard and Dungeon Party; challenging but accessible strategy games, that take approximately two hours to play and are suitable for age 8 years and over.

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