Are we ‘April Fools’?!

Hopefully not, as Graham Canning, Kevin Jones and Andrew Laughton are joining co-conspirators Michael Angel and Keith Elmer in confirming they will each be walking 25km’s around Windsor Great Park and the surrounding area on 1st April, come rain or shine!

These five ‘old boys’, sorry, Wall Members, will be representing the Fence Club in the first ever ‘Wall Member Exclusive Fund Raising Effort’!

So the team are hoping that you will get right behind them and support them. 

As Joe Kissane, our Charity Secretary, always reminds us – ‘Think of the Children’!!

They are paying their own Registration Fees for the day and their own travelling costs, so that 100% of all donations go to the children we support.

Please call up

Hit “Donate” and go through your payment method and details.

This takes you to your Donation Summary. 

Just Giving look to take a ‘Platform Fee” to assist their costs. The Fence Club is already charged a fee, so you can take this request down to zero, £1, or any amount you wish.

Please if you can add Gift Aid, this adds 25% to your donation and then, will you add a message of support – whether you make donations anonymously or not?

Please start your message with “WALL WALK” and ask any other possible supporters to do the same. 

As Joe Kissane, our Charity Secretary, always reminds us – ‘Think of the Children’!!

Huge thanks in advance for your generous support and wish us luck – we will all need it!

Graham, Kevin, Andrew, Michael and Keith.

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