Star Wars fans descended on east London’s hangar-sized EXCEL centre over the Easter weekend for Star Wars Celebration Europe and toy companies were among those exhibiting and showing their wares at the mega-event. 

As well as plenty of toys on show, fans also saw presentations and talent arriving from key shows and films from the SW universe, with forthcoming content airing and Q&As aplenty, with further celebrations for the 40thanniversary of one of the Empire’s key plans, Return of the Jedi. 

LEGO unveiled a raft of new products, including the Ultimate Collector Series X-Wing Starfighter Building Set retailing at more than £200, alongside Star Wars Emperor’s Throne Room Diorama Building Set and Star Wars Endor Speeder Chase Diorama Building Set. 

Jazwares was also in attendance, while Rubies showed off a new battle-damaged Mandalorian helmet, with Diamond Toys also highlighting a wealth of figures, statues and busts. 

Hasbro was there with everything from lightsabers to helmets by way of Return of the Jedi Monopoly, with a raft of Lucasfilm-related goodies ahead of Dial Of Destiny. Funko was also in attendance, with `Random House, while Jazwares hosted a panel to talk about its Micro Galaxy figures, under the banner of Star Wars: Galaxy-Sized Collecting in a Micro World, while Asmodee also presented with its own panel. A statement noted: “Rounding off a busy day, Asmodee’s panel event, From Screen to Tabletop, included a discussion of its forthcoming new Shatterpoint range of toys, and took fans on an exploration of the process behind making miniatures games for fans across the galaxy. The panel team made up of Director of Licensing, Simone Elliott and Will Shick, Director of Product Development, also opened the vault and delved into the creative process, giving behind-the-scenes peeks at concepting work, rules philosophy, art selection and more.”

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