Exciting collectable ranges and unmissable show offers will be part of the package for Magicbox, at the Toymaster Show.
   Magicbox is taking fans on their next SuperThings adventure, with the range preparing to enter the Mutant Battle phase! Year to date, NPD reported that SuperThings is No.1 in Action Figure Collectables and each new collection continues to outperform the last (The NPD Group, February). Prices start from under £1 RRP, making it the ultimate pocket money pick up. And Autumn Winter’s new Mutant Battle theme promises to deliver more of the same success. Available from August 10, this theme promises loads of quirky character mix-ups to explore, more than 100 characters to find, as well as an awesome new colour-change effect to discover. There are four cool finishes to collect in this series: regular, silver, gold, and the epic colour-changing figures. Magicbox’s full support will be behind this launch, with fresh webisode content, digital preroll and TV, all mixed up with inventive PR campaigns. Marketing for AW23 will include a national redemption campaign, giving fans the chance to redeem a limited-edition golden figure. 

Each KookyLoos Mermaid doll features the expression-changing feature that kids love about KookyLoos

Dolls, collectables and pocket money toys are all catered for, with the latest arrivals from KookyLoos. The most expressive mini-doll range is back in the second half of the year, with a brand-new theme (the Glitter Glam Series) PLUS a magical new line-up of KookyLoos Mermaids. The range launches with four mythical characters to collect. Each KookyLoos Mermaid doll features the expression-changing feature that kids love about KookyLoos. One doll three unique faces – kids can change their Mermaid’s facial expression with a swipe of the finger. Kooky Mermaids come housed in a colourful, iridescent shell. Open-up the shell to reveal a magical playset, where kids can play with them. The shell also doubles as a purse. Discover many surprises along the way. Each doll comes with accessories, a mermaid tail and dress, plus a cute pet hidden inside a pearl.

Meanwhile, its turbo tuning teams at the ready with the T-Racers mix and race vehicles and drivers. This cool collection will speed into autumn-winter with a brand-new Color Rush series. This exciting new theme will bring with it eight new cars and racers to collect, unlocking more than 500 combinations and possibilities. The more kids collect, the more car combinations they can create. A key chase item in the Color Rush Series will be the ultra-rare, colour-change Tagmalion. The race is on to collect them all!

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