Epoch is thrilled to be back at Toymaster for 2023 with all three of its brands. From Sylvanian Families it will be showcasing two new sets from the Amusement Land collection.

Available now, the pretty, pastel blue, freewheeling Floating Cloud Rainbow Train, features a plume of smoke escaping the chimney, which provides seating for three baby figures, and bobs up and down as the train moves along. It also comes with a new figure, from the new Fennec Fox family, baby girl, Yulie, in an exclusive outfit. Launching in July, the Baby Mermaid Castle is packed with 12 fun ocean themed features including a marine merry go- round and a jellyfish swing. It also includes three baby figures in under-the-sea outfits and can be easily combined with the Baby Amusement Park for double the fun!

Also new for 2023 is the Sunny Picnic Set with Fennec Fox Sister and Baby, available now, and the Village Doctor Starter Set. Available from July it includes Dr Dawn, the Persian Cat Mother who has everything a doctor could need to transform the Red Roof Country Home into a surgery or the Family Picnic Van into an ambulance.

Plus, perfect for Christmas, is the Penguin Family, complete with mini-ice cream cart and ice creams that they can actually hold. The Penguin Babies Ride ‘n Play features two baby penguins in a pedal car, which can be connected to the Penguin Family’s cart and the Reindeer Family wearing festive outfits with a pastel sleigh, which the two babies can play and ride in.

Aquabeads will have its latest innovation on display – the Aquabeads Disney Princess Nail Studio. Added to its portfolio in January, the sub-line allows children to create magical manicures with just water. The set comes with 56 reusable nails, 120 decorations, and 40 Disney
Princess designs. In addition, there’s the new Dinosaur World Set and launching in July, the Disney Princess Dress-Up Set; and Deluxe Craft
Backpack. The latter will be the latest addition to the brand’s portable ‘on-the-go’ range and can be personalised by attaching creations to
the backpack and the straps.
Epoch Games will be bringing three new and exciting games to Toymaster, all set to be popular releases following the Super Mario
Bros. Movie hitting cinemas in April. In Super Mario Rally Tennis players must slide their characters left and right to receive the ball and hit the button at the right time to serve and return. A scoreboard helps keep track of the match in true tennis style and the included collectable
Mario and Luigi figures can be used interchangeably with other characters that are part of the Epoch Games Link System. Route ‘n GO!
is an exclusive Super Mario Bros. Movie tie-in with the aim of the game to slide the panels to create a route for Mario and Luigi’s plumbing van to reach the goal without falling from the track! Play cooperatively and work as a team or competitively – the first player to get the van to the goal wins! Finally, the Lucky Coin Game is based on the classic ‘coin drop’ arcade game with moving platforms.

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