The Flair GP portfolio is packed with interactive tech toys and cool themed worlds, as well as so much more. Here are just some of the reasons to visit the company’s stand at the Toymaster Show.

Beware of shark-infested floors! Mega Chomp strikes from the depths of the living room. Kids will have great fun plotting shark attacks
and terrorising parents and siblings with this 18-inch RC shark. Mega Chomp can travel easily on land, moving his multi-segmented articulated tail and chomping his jaws in a hilarious way that looks like he is swimming half-submerged in water!

For those looking for something a little more lovable, there’s My Fuzzy Friends: Magic Whispers Kitty, who makes the purr-fect pet. Kids can
place the Kitty’s light-up heart to their forehead, and she will speak exclusively to them. No one around will be able to hear what she says,
meaning that the child alone will know how she feels and what she wants. She may even offer up some helpful advice.

There are three Magic Whispers kittens to collect; each has a light-up pendant that glows in different colours. Just the right size for a child to hold in their arms, each of the three kitties in the range measures 6.5in tall. Plus, there is the super-cool Action Heroes range to discover on Flair’s stand. This is a collection not to be missed by Toymaster buyers, with marketing for the range going further for AW23.

Children will be able to collect lots more interchangeable figures, with pop and swap head an body pieces, and double-sided faces with different expressions. The more figures they collect, the more characters they can create. With playsets and action vehicles also available in the range, collectors can build their own Action Heroes world. There are two existing core themes to collect – Dinosaurs and the Police Force. Storytelling is central to the play pattern of this fun, action-packed range.

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