With the usual fanfare it musters for store openings, LEGO’s retail arm was set to fling open the doors of its latest outlet in the UK at 10am on Thursday May 25. 

The 223 sq metre shop in London’s latest swish retail development, Battersea power Station, is the 18th UK store for the brick giant and its first south of the river Thames in the capital. 

The serendipitous opening comes just ahead of the half-term holidays, while opening weekend activity will include families building their own replicas of the listed building and famous London landmark which houses the store and shopping centre. 

The store features LEGO product including its top of the range, hero sets, which are likely to attract the interest of the more affluent shoppers at the swanky shopping district which only opened in the autumn of 2022. LEGO was keen to point out that with everything from pocket money sets to large adult-oriented product, “it really does have something for everyone.”

Insiders said the store also has plentiful supplies of currently hard to come by LEGO items such as the Disney minifigures and the Up house from the Pixar film of the same name. 

In keeping with LEGO’s retail ethos, the store features a nod to the local area, including a 14,000-plus brick replica of Battersea Power Station and a giant mural featuring the iconic art deco building famously featured on a Pink Floyd album cover. 

“We always like to pay homage to the local community,” said LEGO Retail’s marketing director for EMEA Amy Pearson, speaking to TnP at the launch held on Wednesday. 

It features other elements familiar to LEGO shoppers worldwide, as Pearson continued: “It’s a really immersive experience. It’s not just about the amazing sets, it’s about kids and families having a great hands-on play experience.”

LEGO is working with Battersea Power Station executives to market locally to consumers and, like its other stores, experiential events are, Pearson added, “really important”. 

The opening follows hot on the heels of the revamp and relaunch of its flagship store. “We’ve been blown away with Leicester Square,” said Pearson. “This is an amazing location too, and what they’ve done here is incredible.”

There have been no further announcements about further openings, but as Pearson noted; “Retail expansion is a massive part of our strategy. It’s about the right locations at the right time. New physical stores are one of the best ays people can truly immerse themselves in the LEGO brand. 

“There will be more coming, watch this space!”

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