Art and play are set to collide in a new limited edition from Mattel’s Mattel Creations arm in conjunction with design company Kartell. 

The collaboration mixes the former’s Uno card game and the latter’s Componibili brand and as well as an interior design collection there is also a special deck of Uno featuring Componibili designs. 

Lorenza Luti, Kartell’s Director of Marketing & Retail, said: “The Kartell lifestyle extends to collaborations that reveal affinities with our own creative and stylistic mindset.This collaboration is a natural evolution in the cross-pollination of ideas between the most iconic products of both brands. Kartell’s Componibili adopts the traditional colours of Uno playing cards, while Mattel’s Uno cards feature our best-known products. This project with Mattel Creations not only signifies an artistic collaboration, but also provides an extraordinary gaming opportunity for the design aficionados.”

Kim Culmone, Senior Vice President and Head of Design, Mattel added: “The Mattel Creations collaboration with Kartell brings together the magic of design and play. The special edition Componibili and UNO playing cards are more than just collectibles; they’re a celebration of creativity and style and we’re thrilled to expand our offerings into the interior design space with Kartell.”

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