LeapFrog Hosts Worlds-first Pop-up Pizza Restaurant… Run by Kids!

As Christmas is fast approaching, LeapFrog has a mission – to inspire the imaginations of parents and preschoolers everywhere, to spark creativity and encourage imaginative roleplay in young minds!

To celebrate the launch of their Build-a-Slice Pizza Cart, the brand opened doors to ‘A Slice of Fun’ – the world’s first pop-up pizza restaurant run entirely by kids!  Taking over and rebranding Pappa Ciccia of Fulham in London on 25th October 2023, for one day only, the event saw budding little chefs, waiting staff and maître d’s imaginations come to life. 

Seven chefs-in-training, including a lucky competition winner, chosen on the brand’s social media channels, gained all the practice they needed to put their skills to the test in honour of the launch of the miniature roleplay pizzeria, which is set to fly off the shelves this Christmas. Once training was complete, the kids hit the kitchen and it was all hands-on deck to serve up their parents and friends a tasty doughy treat from a menu, also designed by kids. Whether it was taking orders, running drinks, or serving the customers – the kids did it all! 

Leapfrog also ran a very popular ‘design the menu’ competition to further involve and engage with their audience, with the winning menu taking pride of place on tables at A Slice of Fun!  Video content was created throughout the pop-up activity, including a funny blooper reel covering all the mishaps and mayhem you’d expect to see from this kind of fun! All the output is designed to be utilised in a campaign to encourage parents and carers to inspire creativity in their children this Christmas, with the award-winning Build-A-Slice Pizza Cart, alongside the rest of Leapfrog’s interactive toys. 

Rebecca Lazarus, UK Marketing Manager of LeapFrog and VTech said: 

“From the initial planning stages of ‘A Slice of Fun’ we have loved the idea of creating a ‘worlds-first’ to really bring the Build-a-Slice Pizza Cart to life. As a key product for the brand, at a crucial time of year, it was important to us to position the campaign correctly. We were looking for something to really engage and captivate our audience, but we wanted to be inclusive to everyone and involve all our social media followers where possible too. It was fantastic to have our competition winner along on the day, to allow them to see behind the scenes and experience all the work that goes into the creation of our campaigns. We are excited to see how the rollout performs and contributes to sales, as we approach the home-straight to Christmas 2023.”

LeapFrog Build-a-Slice Pizza Cart 
Ages 3-6 years

Pre-schoolers are encouraged to let their creativity shine, and with over 30 roleplay pieces, little ones can develop a range of skills to aid in their development, all whilst having fun. Little chefs begin by ringing the bell and taking their customers’ orders, before following the instructions to ensure they have satisfied customers! Develop numeracy skills by counting out ingredients and pizza slices, whilst they mix and match toppings and taking their happy customer’s money. Kids are learning colours and shapes, all whilst perfecting their hand-eye coordination skills as they slice and box up their pizzas. Perfect for solo play or with friends!

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