With midnight openings at a handful of shops, queues forming at specialist hobby outlets around the country and a major event at the flagship Disney Store in London’s Oxford Street, Ravensburger launched Chapter 2 of its trading card game Disney Lorcana on Friday. 

TnP was at the event in the capital and saw queues stretching right round the block at the Disney Store with fans eager to snap up the second helping from the TCG. 

The patient fans came flooding into the store in the mid-morning as sales went live, snapping up booster packs and more from Disney Lorcana, before queuing up to get autographs from one of the artists, Brit-based Matt Davies. 

The consumers queuing up were a diverse mix, from younger Disney fans to more experienced TCG enthusiasts, with one punter flying in from the US to pick up the cards and others making the journey from around Europe. 

“We had them queuing up outside the shop from early and most of the stock was gone after half an hour”

Joe Green, Midco Toymaster in Burton

Meanwhile, reports were filtering in from around the country about successful midnight openings at selected outlets and hefty sales from these and stores that opened in the morning.

Midco Toymaster in Burton was one of those and Joe Green from the store told TnP: “We had them queuing up outside the shop from early and most of the stock was gone after half an hour. 

“We were having a great day after only 30 minutes and our other stores have seen similar too.”

Tim Evans from Toys and Games of Worcester said: “It’s been an absolutely spectacular launch. We had a midnight opening – it’s the second one we’ve done for Disney Lorcana and it was twice as busy as the first. We had food, pizzas, chocolate and drinks as well as fancy dress. We had a tournament timed to end just before midnight and gave virtual queue tickets to those queuing outside as it was cold and wet. 

“We finished at about 10 to one, then reopened again at 9am. The first hour then was non-stop.”

Rob West from Firestorm Games in the west and Wales said: “Disney Lorcana Chapter 2 was amazing, queues outside the doors at 10am at all three stores.”

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