Animation studio ZAG is set to launch its first toy line from its Play Toy arm at Spielwarenmesse.

The range spanning 10 different categories will feature the flagship Miraculous – Tales Of Ladybug And Cat Noir brand, with, to follow, products based on Ghostforce and animated feature Melody.
The first wave includes Miraculous Miraballs, which combines plush and collectible, containing a metal ball that features a plush that grows in size thanks to “ultra-shrinkable memory foam”, with 20 different ones to collect; the Miraculous Sprinkles ‘n’ Slimy acivirt collection; the Miraculous Kwami Mon Ami plush range; T&S Paris Café Set and T&S Macarons Stand as roleplay items; a Marinettes’ Atelier range that features a mini-sewing machine; the Miraculous Secrets trading card game and Miraculous-themed classic card games.

ZAG founder Jeremy Zag said: “At ZAG we tell stories that feature modern fresh and relevant superheroes to inspire children to love themselves and to discover themselves through the story. With the launch of these new toys, we aim to combine the proven play patterns of our wide fan base that link to our storylines and strive for a level of quality that will spark the imagination and inspire children’s ambition to master learning skills.”

ZAG Ply Toy division SVP Helena Perheentupa said: “Having analysed demand for Miraculous, we see that there is strong interest for more products and newness from fans. All of our products feature a high level of detail and quality with a priceline architecture that hits recommended price segments across the global market.”

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