Affectionately called the “duck” in Germany and “Tin Snail” in English, the Citroën 2CV is THE iconic French car. Finally, this cult-classic is available as a new PLAYMOBIL model, further expanding the range of classic cars in the collection.

The legendary Citroën 2CV was first introduced in Paris in 1948. At first the subject of jokes, the Citroën 2CV developed into one of France’s most well-known car models. It may be small, but oh boy is it special! Offering space for four passengers, the PLAYMOBIL model is full of charming details: like the faithfully recreated interior, openable rear hatch door, characteristic headlights, and functioning sunroof. The headlights are interchangeable: choose between transparent and yellow colouring. 

The sheet of stickers presented in this set includes four number plate options from different countries, as well as a selection of other stickers for personalising the model. Everything you need for authentically recreating rural French life from the mid 20th century! The Citroën 2CV from PLAYMOBIL represents the charm and ingenuity of French automobile design. Perfect for playing, collecting or displaying, this unique miniature is sure to delight both children and adults.

But why do some people call it a “duck”? Well, back in 1948, a Dutch journalist described the model as an “ugly duckling” at first sight and the term just stuck. The model was so popular that it was chosen as part of an award list of Cars of the 20th Century in France in 2002.

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