UK based 3D design studios, PopHeads, introduce an exciting eco-3D range for craft toys, wall-art, and gifting.

Award winning Eco-3D studio partner with artist Howard Robinson

Part of the StackaWraps Global network, PopHeads has responded to increasing demand for craft toys, gifts, and creative partnerships generated by the success of their international retail displays.

With the environment at the forefront of their innovations PopHeads sourced FSC materials and sustainability minded UK manufactures to support the evolution of their latest craft toy and gifting designs. Their high-quality specifications are plastic-free and fully recyclable with low carbon logistics and superior cost efficiency. These mindful, interactive kits offer off-line activities at a time when the world is gripped by crafting-mania and the UK market is primed for a new range of creative 3D collectibles.

“PopHeads have been in the incubator for a while now and we have perfected our unique technology specifically for these fun 3D kits.

Ralph Collins head of design innovations

Ralph Collins head of design innovations, “PopHeads have been in the incubator for a while now and we have perfected our unique technology specifically for these fun 3D kits. We wanted to create something with maximum engagement by pairing up with exciting artists. The Howard Robinson 3D collaboration is the first to launch with the ‘Selfie’ range of cheeky creatures. Howard has a huge following globally with iconic status in some countries and his amazing designs are leading the way with games and collectables”.

With a pocket money RRP of £12.99 for a super-size A3 pack of 3 PopHeads, we hope to cultivate an enjoyable collection for all our followers. Panoramic Planet is the next in line for release with exciting wildlife photography in full 3D realism. Partnering with UK animal charities enabled the creation of the Big Cats range and with many more ranges on the way we hope they can help raise funds for other great causes too.

The first sport licence for range of fans collectables is already underway in the UK and with endless possibilities for their applications, the 3D team are open to teaming up with inspired retailers.

Samples for interested retailers will be available in early January 2022 see for details or contact

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