Top nurturing doll brand, Baby Annabell, has been a firm family favourite for more than two decades and has now expanded their offering for younger children with a brand-new princess theme, adding to their extensive range of best-selling dolls and accessories.

 The Little Sweet Princess collection is a first for Baby Annabell and, inspired by the popular play topic – princesses, is set to encourage the imaginations of little ones through enchanting baby play functions and captivating accessories.Spearheading the range is the Baby Annabell Little Sweet Princess doll that has an array charming functions – including blushing cheeks when children give her a kiss and sweet sleeping sounds when laid down, supporting the nurturing play Baby Annabell is so well-known for. Dressed in a glittering princess gown, gold shoes, tiara she also comes complete with a brush for hair play. 

The perfect play companion for the Princess is her noble steed, Little Sweet Pony who makes trotting and neighing sounds, and comes with pink bridle for Little Sweet Princess to ride.

New outfits, including the Baby Annabell Little Sweet Set and Baby Annabell Little Sweet Dress, complete the new themed collection. All outfits and accessories are suitable for all Baby Annabell Little 36cm dolls and will indulge little ones’ love of playing dress up with their dolls.This royal new range sees a brand-new TV commercial to support, which will be pulsed across the year, driving demand in young children. Baby Annabell has also teamed up with influencers and celebrities to launch Little Sweet Princess, delivering the products in castle-themed sleeves that children are able to colour in and re-use as a backdrop for imaginative play. The sleeves and packaging are all made from sustainable materials in line with Zapf Creation’s commitment to plastic-free packaging announced at the start of the year. The plastic-free pledge is paving the way for sustainability in the doll sector and is in response to increasing demand for sustainable options in the toy market. As a brand that plays such a big role in children’s lives from an early age, the move to plastic-free packaging demonstrates Zapf Creation’s desire to care for children and their futures.

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