BABY born is excited to enter the growing plush category with the introduction of a brand-new best friend for BABY born, the BABY born Bear. An extension to the brand, BABY born Bear is set to teach children the art of friendship in a new, creative way through a host of adorable accessories and unlimited dual play possibilities.

Launching this September, this super cuddly and soft plush bear comes with moveable arms and legs allowing it to sit and stand with support. Set to be every child’s new favourite companion right from birth – BABY born Bear offers the ultimate creative role play experience for children and also makes the perfect first gift for newborns, as well as pre-school children. 

BABY born Bear can interact with all of BABY born’s clothing and accessories – from dressing up best friends Bear and BABY born, to enjoying naptimes together and spending days as a pair in their prams. 

“Plush toys are in some of our most cherished memories, so it feels amazing for us to be able to offer children today a modern version of the classic teddy”

Ellie Moore, Sales Director Zapf Creation

Available dressed in three different colour bodies – pink, white or blue, with new outfits also available, including a Dress Outfit, consisting of a dress, shoes, and the Outfit with Pants – dungarees, shoes and a striped shirt.  

Alongside the BABY born Bear is a themed accessories range, including a Bear Sleeping Cave, designed to offer the BABY born Bear some much needed rest from a day of adventures with BABY born.

The new range also includes a brand-new BABY born Bear Backpack in a honeybee print which converts into a carrier for the Bear too. The BABY born Bear is suitable from birth while all outfits and accessories are suitable for age 1 year and over.

Ellie Moore, Sales Director for Zapf Creation, says: “Plush toys are in some of our most cherished memories, so it feels amazing for us to be able to offer children today a modern version of the classic teddy. 

“We at Zapf Creation invest a great deal in development and innovation for all new products and  BABY born Bear has been carefully designed to teach children kindness and friendship which they can take to the playground and also use at home with their siblings.” 

As an extension to the BABY born brand, Bear will come in plastic-free packaging as part of Zapf Creation’s ongoing commitment to sustainability. This year, Zapf Creation has also launched its new ‘Showbox Open’ packaging – designed to bring a whole new level to parents’ and children’s buying experiences. 

Zapf Creation will support the September launch with a heavyweight PR and marketing campaign, including influencer engagement, social media activity and TV.

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