After dominating the big screen in 2023, Barbie is moving into 2024 by shrinking down to mini-size as part of a whole new Mattel range unveiled at Nuremberg. 

Mini BarbieLand taps into the current trend for all things mini and furthers the unboxing experience for fans that is still all the rage. It will include a whole host of familiar Barbie elements but on a smaller scale than their bigger siblings, taking in Barbie Fashionistas, Barbie Color Reveal, Barbie Cutie Reveal, and Barbie Pop Reveal .

The whole world can be built around a small scale, replica Barbie DreamHouse and the Mini BarbieLand House Assortment features a mini Barbie doll, one mini DreamHouse, one pet and mystery accessories. There’s also a Mini BarbieLand vehicle and doll range, which includes a doll as well as a range of vehicles taking in Dreamcamper, Dreamplane, Dreamboat, Convertible and Jeep. Prices start at £4.99 for the Reveal dolls. 

Mattel VP of marketing for EMEA Nicolas Houssin said “We are thrilled to introduce Barbie’s latest innovation at Nuremberg Toy Fair, bringing Barbie’s system of play in a new size to even more fans with a new miniature scale that welcomes fans to collect and play in a whole new way.”

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