Mattel Creations, which works with creatives around the world using Mattel’s brands as a canvas for expression, has collaborated with UK-based illustrator and author Florence Given to reimagine the Barbie Dreamhouse with a limited-edition print.

Florence has created a piece inspired by the idea of your own Dreamhouse as a personal sanctuary. The print features retro detailing, inspired by Florence’s personal aesthetic and mirroring elements from vintage Barbie Dreamhouses available since the 1960s.

A mirror ball features – as seen for the first time in the all-new Barbie Dreamhouse – while two characters relax in their own sanctuary. Barbie nods within the design include the doll head silhouette and logo on the record player, while elements drawn from Florence’s own home include the chaise lounge, vinyls, lampshade and bold prints and colours.

Florence said: “I love the idea of a woman’s Dreamhouse being a sanctuary that she has created for herself so that she’s surrounded by the things she loves. My own flat is filled with beautiful colourful ornaments, teacups, and retro furniture, and it makes waking up every morning so much more pleasant. It’s my safe space; I love to dance around in silky slip dresses and pretend like my life is a movie. It makes everything so much more fun. Making my space beautiful makes me feel alive! I hope my print makes women feel excited to be themselves and reminds them that it’s beautiful to fall in love with yourself and your own company.”

The 22-year-old Sunday Times best-selling author of ‘Women Don’t Owe You Pretty’ is an award-winning influencer. Her debut book has sold over 200,000 copies in the UK alone to date and has been translated into 13 languages. Florence’s work confronts oppressive attitudes towards women and their bodies, and she uses her platform to raise awareness of social issues. She shares her bold illustrations, accompanied by short essays, with her 600,000-plus Instagram followers.

The print is available exclusively on RRP £80 in A2 size.

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