POP, the television channel for six to 10-year-old children, will broadcast the free-to-air premiere of action-packed animated TV series, Bakugan: Evolutionsfrom Saturday (March 5).

Created by children’s entertainment company Spin Master Entertainment, the popular characters Drago, Trox, Pegatrix, Hydorous, Howlkor and Pharol return stronger, faster, and better than ever in this new season. Strange occurrences begin to happen, with elemental energy from Vestroia seeping into Earth and creating

mysterious phenomena, causing Bakugan to rage out or evolve with excess energy. Once again, the fate of two worlds – Earth and Vestroia – rests in the hands of the Awesome Brawlers and their Bakugan partners!

Francesca Newington, director of the POP Channels, said: “With Bakugan: Geogan Rising already extremely popular on the channel, we’re delighted to bring fans the latest instalment of the Awesome Brawlers’ adventures with the free-to-air premiere of the brand new series.”

POP is available on Freeview 206, Sky 614, Virgin 736 or Freesat 603.

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