Following the news that the Nuremberg Toy Fair was cancelled the BTHA has just released the following update regarding Toy Fair 2022:

TOY FAIR 2022 update – 14 January 2022
“Following the unwelcome and sad news yesterday that the Nuremberg Toy Fair has decided to cancel its 2022 in-person show  – with the same decision taken earlier this week from the New York Toy Fair – the BTHA is aware of understandable concerns  and rumours about the Toy Fair still taking place at Olympia London (25-27 January 2022).     

The BTHA would like to confirm its Toy Fair is planned to go ahead as scheduled and in line with its statement of 5 January 2022, which is repeated at the foot of this release. 

The Association would like to express its  great sadness  for and empathy with the organisers, the exhibitors, visitors and participants of both the Nuremberg and New York fairs in the situation that has led to those shows being cancelled in February 2022.  The BTHA understands how tough the decision would have been for our friends at these shows.   The Toy Fair in London faces a different set of circumstances, which allow us to proceed to deliver the show and we look forward to welcoming participants from the UK and international toy community to the Fair. Many large business, cultural, social and sporting events are going ahead in the UK and the appetite for the Toy Fair is one of enthusiasm for it to go ahead as planned in most quarters of our sector. 

Strong health and safety measures are in place for all participants at Olympia London, a well-ventilated large venue, in line with requirements by the health authorities nationally and government authorities in the UK.   Companies exhibiting  of course are mindful of the health and well-being of their own teams and those of their visitors and have taken appropriate measures in place themselves in that regard .     

Current circumstances allow for the Toy Fair to go ahead and we are looking forward to delivering a great Fair in a safe environment and to welcoming participants.”  

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