As Europe’s oldest specialist in agricultural toys and collectables, Britains is celebrating its centenary and to mark this milestone, is welcoming back its first-ever model tractor – the Fordson Major.

The Fordson Major was the first ever tractor model Britains made 100 years ago. With only 7,500 models in production, this exclusive model will be available from September at selected independent retailers. The model will display the Fordson Major’s signature blue livery and orange wheels with rubber, complete with orange lettering lettering on either side of the nose cone.

Plus, some lucky collectors will be treated to a special surprise, as there are 100 ultra-rare gilded tractors hidden amongst the 7,500. Finished in a coat of gold paint with a lacquered finish, these have been specially commissioned to celebrate Britains’ 100-year anniversary – making them even more exclusive.
All the tractors are built to Britains’ exacting standards and are supplied in a special centenary box. The precision moulded die-cast metal body is full of detail, from the engine cowling at the front to the tow hitch at the back. It comes with working steering and big-tread tyres, as you would expect from any tractor in the Britains range.

In 1921, the now world renowned Britains Model Home Farm was launched, in readiness for Christmas, consisting of 30 farm figures and animals. The very first farm vehicle – the ‘4F’ Tumbrel Cart – was introduced at the same time. The first tractor introduced by Britains was the 127F/128F Fordson Major. Launched in 1948, just three years after the real thing, it followed farming trends as tractors started playing an increasingly large role in the day-to-day management of nearly every farm. The Fordson Major stayed in production in that format until 1958, and now this commemorative edition will be an exciting addition to any collector’s barn.

Mary Wood, general manager UK & Ireland, said: “We are so pleased to be able to produce this exciting range for our devoted supporters and offer the surprise of an extra exclusive gold edition! It’s the perfect way to celebrate 100 years of Britains Farm Toys and, at the same time, give something unique and ultra-collectable back to our core fans. From collectors to farming families, our core fans have played with Britains farm products across many generations and are the reason we’re leading the way in agricultural toys. This really exciting and poignant launch is our way of saying thank you for everyone’s ongoing support.”

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