Almost all Bruder vehicles have to be refuelled and occasionally cleaned – and the new, highly-equipped bworld Petrol Station has arrived for this purpose. 

The pump dispenses all standard fuel types, and a charging station for e-mobile is also available. The attendant works in a modern sales room with a price list, monitor and modern POS system. There is a fully functional washing station for cleaning dirty vehicles – just pour water into the integrated tank. The built-in hand air pump builds up pressure and the water can be released for cleaning with the attached on/off switch. 

The Bruder Roadster and driver supplement this comprehensive set. The bworld Car service, bworld Motorcycle service with Ducati Full Throttle Scrambler and MAN TGS Tank truck are also available from Bruder as the perfect addition to the Petrol Station. 

With these new themed sets, you can dive even deeper into the world of Bruder. Printed wall elements with easy-to-mount adjustable feet now create the backdrop for even more realistic play, and the new shelving system enables interaction with the elements.

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Distributor in UK: Alpha Toys Ltd

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