Ahead of the festive season, children’s audio system tonies® is offering a 20% off its Toniebox Starter Set and accessories to celebrate Black Friday. The deal runs for a limited time only, from 26 November to 29 November.

Toniebox Starter Sets are usually priced at £69.95 RRP but are reduced to £55.96 for Black Friday.

Celebrate Black Friday with Tonies

Tonies said: ‘The Black Friday deal provides the perfect incentive for parents to purchase a Toniebox to gift children this Christmas. The combination of the Toniebox and the hand-painted Tonies makes tonies a unique interactive audio system that’s perfect for gifting. The Starter Set is the perfect introduction to the world of Tonies audio fun and has everything needed to let the audio adventure begin for little ones.’

The Starter Set includes a Toniebox, which comes with a matching Creative-Tonie, that includes 90 minutes of audio space, allowing you to use any audio on the Toniebox.


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