Character Options: Greg Rutherford wipes out Instagram

Greg Rutherford wipes out Instagram

Olympic gold medallist Greg Rutherford takes on a new kind of jumping challenge with the Stay Active Jump-It Wipeout family game.

Character Options’ campaign to Stay Active this year saw Olympic champion long jumper Greg Rutherford lead the way in promoting the range which features family activity toys and games which can be played both inside and out.

Over the past 6 months Greg and his family have been showcasing their Stay Active escapades including Moon Shoes bounce racing, lap counting challenges with Jump-It Lap Counter. Most recently Greg and partner Susie took to instagram to take on the Jump-It Wipeout Challenge!

Jump-it Wipeout is the game that brings a fast, fun jump challenge to your home! With five different musical tracks to jump to, 3 play modes and multiple difficulty levels, no two games are the same. Players of all aged (5+) can try their luck against the rotating soft foam jump bar and avoid being wiped out!

Speaking on instagram Greg said “Out of all the things we’ve done recently to keep fit as a family, this is by far the most fun!”. And it seems that Greg’s followers agreed that Jump-it Wipeout looked like a must have family game with over 1,300 people swiping up on Greg’s stories to find out more!

“Greg Rutherford is the perfect person to lead our core messaging for the Stay Active collection”

Mark Hunt, Character Options’ Marketing Director

Mark Hunt, Character Options’ Marketing Director, commented: “Greg Rutherford is the perfect person to lead our core messaging for the Stay Active collection. He is known for both his triumphs in athletics and his family values and went over and above with his Jump-it Wipeout activity. We are delighted to have him at the centre of our campaign showcasing these must have fun products.

Alongside the activity with Greg, the Stay Active Campaign has had an always-on active mums campaign with each month instagram influencers sharing their family activities with that months focus product from the range. Added to this above the line activity across Preroll has ensured eyeballs on the brand continuously.”

For more information about Stay Active from Character Options, call 0161 633 9800 or email

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