Crayola has teamed up with data-powered integrated agency Jaywing to create its 2021 social back-to-school campaign. The arts and crafts brand has also partnered with a Great Bedwyn C.E primary school and its pupils in Wiltshire, to reflect on the back-to-school season through the imagination of a child. 

The campaign, which consists of videos and images showing children colouring in a series of letters to reveal the phrase ‘back to school’, saw pupils from the school playing a huge role in the project. The aim was to emphasise the human experience of education and adventure through learning as they created poems about their own back to school memories. The kids then attended the final shoot, where they read out poems used as the final voiceover. 

The videos and images, which were created for Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, kicked off from Monday (26 July) and will run to 6 September with an expected reach of over 3.5 million parents.  

Crayola brand manager Jade Childs said: “We worked with Jaywing to creatively execute our campaign to celebrate the return of school. As children haven’t had a taste of normality for a long time, we wanted to help parents get back to school ready with our comprehensive range of Crayola stationery. We pride ourselves in offering the best quality and breadth of arts and crafts supplies to aid children’s learning and development and stand by our mission of helping to raise creatively alive children. 

“We’re thrilled with the final campaign and the authentic creatives we developed together, with poems written and voiced-over by the participating children. It was a great process that they really enjoyed getting involved in.” 

To see the full Crayola back-to-school campaign, visit: Get Back to School with Crayola 

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