The toy producer dantoy, who produces plastic toys for the smallest in families has yet again won awards for their newest products, which are made from maritime gear found in the oceans. With these awards dantoy once again takes the lead when it comes to sustainability. Last week dantoy won the Danish toy industry sustainability prize and this week they won the Toy Industry of Europe´s silver award “Play for change sustainability”.

The sustainable journey started at the factory in Denmark many years ago, and the Blue marine toy line clearly shows that they want to continue in this direction. It is the third year in a row that dantoy has won the European Toy industries sustainability award. This year the importance of sustainability in children’s playing was the focus.

”We are very proud of being at the top again when it comes to sustainable toys both in Denmark and in Europe. At dantoy we see it as an obligation to produce in the most sustainable way, and we strive to do this more and more every day” – Mette Matthiasen, dantoy.

dantoy’s Blue Marine Toys are water- and sand toys created in neutral colours that lead thoughts to the ocean and recycling.

”We believe that it is essential that the toys signal sustainability and not at least the ocean where the material is collected from. This is especially important because we produce toys for children who are the coming consumers that must learn about the importance of recycling and cleaning the oceans” – Mette Matthiasen, dantoy.

Blue Marine Toys Blue Marine Toys is an exciting range made from maritime gear which has been turned into sand and water toys in nice bright colours. The products are made of plastic from nets, trawls, and ropes from the fishing industry. The range consists of products that can be considered as small parts of a story. Net constructions that are reminiscent of fishing nets, a mill where the sand runs through several processes – mirroring plastic materials being thoroughly sorted, lorries carrying maritime gear, and boats coming from the seas

The products can be found on shelves around the world. For more information visit

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