An increase in demand for classic toys, a further uplift in interest in toys spun off from films, TV and video games and increasingly tech-friendly toys and games…

Those are among the key drivers spotted by UK-based online marketplace OnBuy, in a whopping rise in its toys and games business, which has seen sales grow by more than 1750% in the past three years.

The marketplace, which has been tipped as one to watch by the Financial Times as one of Europe’s fastest growing, said the key areas outlined above had helped its sales soar.

OnBuy category manager Azeem Sabur said: “The foundation of the toy industry seems extremely stable. Even in uncertain economic times, parents want to provide joy for their children. That’s one fact that will never change. With our fresh and unique approach to eCommerce, we are providing toy retailers with an easy and fair opportunity to get their products seen by hundreds of thousands of shoppers that are visiting OnBuy daily, all searching for their next purchase.”

OnBuy CEO Cas Paton added: “Our meteoric growth is thanks to our proposition that champions transparency and collaboration. As more retailers are becoming increasingly tired of the negative and competitive experience in the industry, we have fast become a trusted alternative – providing a fair and transparent marketplace that vows never to retail any products, never to launch an ‘own’ brand range, and compete with retailers.

“As a relatively new marketplace, there are still so many opportunities for sellers, brands and retailers to join OnBuy and now is the best time for toys and games sellers to get listed to benefit from incremental sales leading up to Christmas.”

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