EDX Education will reveal its new collections for 2024, which include the Green-n-Learn and Green-n-Play collections made from recycled plastics and packaged in FSC certified paper, which embrace circular economy practices for a more sustainable future.  

The new eco collections include a wide range of sand and water play toys for wonderful play opportunities in the early years. Buyers will be introduced to the new Green-n-Learn Whales Story Counter Set, which includes a set of recycled plastic whale counters for maths learning, imaginative play and fine motor skill development. The counters are accompanied by a picture-led book made from FSC paper, which teaches little learners valuable lessons about the effects of plastic waste in our oceans and aquatic life.  

The construction toy offering has been expanded with the STEAM accredited My Gears range, which is tailored for both home and classroom learning. Perfect for nurturing early engineering skills, the kits ignite creative thinking, curiosity, and problem-solving, while refining fine motor skills. Children can seamlessly link gears with chains to create unique machines – moving cars, bikes, tractors, and more. As junior engineers embark on building fun models using easy-to-follow instruction booklets, they gain insights into the fundamental principles of gears, movement, and force. Compatible with the 2cm linking cube sets, the possibilities for construction are boundless.

EDX has also expanded its award-winning Rainbow Pebbles collection with exciting new colourways, introduced new maths cubes sets and counters, including Empathy Pet Counters for additional socioemotional learning while improving early maths skills.  

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