Educational toy brand, Edx Education is delighted to announce a campaign partnership with the UK’s no.1 children’s cooking author Annabel Karmel

The campaign launches today and focuses on family bonding activities to help children recover from the year of disruption and distress caused by the pandemic, with a series of fun play and cooking activities, advice and competitions on the popular Annabel Karmel website.Play has never been more important to children: it is a great way to bond with parents and siblings, is a highly effective form of learning, helps children to understand the world around them, enhances cognitive and social development and is the perfect way for children to relieve tension and stress.

The Annabel Karmel x Edx Education partnership aims to help families discover new ways to bond and play, whether in the kitchen, garden, or out and about.Heather Welch, Edx Education, says: “It has been a tough year for kids, with missed schooling and lack of contact with friends, it is important for us to support families for the mental health and wellbeing of children.

Encouraging family bonding through play activities and helping children learn different skills not necessarily taught in the classroom are just a few ways we can help children bounce back. What a better way than to partner with Annabel Karmel to provide advice, and ideas to play and learn together through cooking and family time.”Drawing on her 30 years of cooking expertise, Annabel Karmel has developed recipes for families to cook together whilst learning and most importantly, playing.

Annabel is passionate about cooking as a family as she does regularly with her own:Food expert Annabel Karmel says: “It’s fair to say that in the last year baking and home cooking have well and truly swept the nation! And to take some positives from such uncertain times, it’s brought families together, encouraged a return to scratch cooking and seen many learning valuable new skills.

Encouraging kids in the kitchen is more than just teaching them about a balanced diet – for example, as they weigh and measure ingredients, they are developing maths skills without even realising.Parents are always looking for new and fun ways to keep children engaged and interested, which is why I’m thrilled to partner with Edx Education to champion learning through play.

We hope parents will love the recipes I’ve created, which are quick, simple and fun to make and along with Edx Education’s educational toys and activities, we hope to inspire parents to prioritise play and find that special time to spend together.”The campaign can be viewed on the Annabel Karmel website:

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