This year, the Lego Group has transformed its annual employee Play Day into a week-long Virtual Play Week extravaganza and invited partnering organisations to join the fun

At a time when the world needs the power of play to overcome challenges, see opportunities, innovate, focus, and connect with others, the Lego Group is expanding and transforming its annual employee Play Day into a week-long experience.

Play Day is an annual event where all employees take a break from their work to spend a day playing with one another, and this year, the event will span a whole week! Taking place this week (15-19 June), Virtual Play Week offers a range of activities designed to spark creativity and inspire participants to have fun in new ways. 

This year is also special because the Lego Group has invited many more colleagues and partners to join the play and have fun, including Merlin Entertainment, adult fans of Lego (AFOLs), Global UNICEF Skill Share, Sesame Workshop – South Africa, Care for Education, among others. The company’s goal is to promote a global connection between its colleagues and its partners from all over the world. 

Throughout Virtual Play Week, participants will be able to stream live events or enjoy pre-recorded sessions whenever it suits their schedule. In order to support these interactions, a special digital platform has been created that will allow both internal and external users to come together in a common “playground.” There will be exciting and surprising challenges designed to foster a playful mindset and to bring people together as they #playtogetherapart 

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